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July 1–5, 2019, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

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The following papers have been accepted as talks, posters, and software demonstrations (presenters are underlined).


Karim Adiprasito, Gaku Liu and Michael Temkin: Semistable reduction in characteristic 0

Connor Ahlbach and Joshua P. Swanson: Thrall's problem: cyclic sieving, necklaces, and branching rules

Emily Barnard and Thomas McConville: Lattices from graph associahedra

Nantel Bergeron, Cesar Ceballos and Vincent Pilaud: Hopf dreams

Dan Betea, Jérémie Bouttier, Peter Nejjar and Mirjana Vuletić: New edge asymptotics of skew Young diagrams via free boundaries

Mireille Bousquet-Mélou, Andrew Elvey Price and Paul Zinn-Justin: Eulerian orientations and the six-vertex model on planar maps

Cesar Ceballos, Wenjie Fang and Henri Mühle: The steep-bounce zeta map in parabolic Cataland

Cesar Ceballos and Viviane Pons: The s-weak order and s-permutahedra

Sylvie Corteel, Olya Mandelshtam and Lauren Williams: From multiline queues to Macdonald polynomials via the exclusion process

Samantha Dahlberg: A new formula for Stanley's chromatic symmetric function for unit interval graphs and e-positivity for triangular ladder graphs

Jehanne Dousse: On partition identities of Capparelli and Primc

Theo Douvropoulos: On enumerating factorizations in reflection groups

Jan Draisma and Felipe Rincón: Tropical ideals do not realise all Bergman fans

Christopher Eur: Divisors on matroids and their volumes

Christian Gaetz and Yibo Gao: The weak Bruhat order on the symmetric group is Sperner

Alexander Garver, Rebecca Patrias and Hugh Thomas: Minuscule reverse plane partitions via quiver representations

Emily Gunawan and Ralf Schiffler: Unitary friezes and frieze vectors

Iva Halacheva, Allen Knutson and Paul Zinn-Justin: Restricting Schubert classes to symplectic Grassmannians using self-dual puzzles

Tom Halverson: Set-partition tableaux, symmetric group multiplicities, and partition algebra modules

Judith Jagenteufel: A Sundaram type bijection for SO(2k+1): vacillating tableaux and pairs consisting of a standard Young tableau and an orthogonal Littlewood-Richardson tableau

Nadia Lafrenière: Eigenvalues of the symmetrized shuffling operators

Cédric Lecouvey and Cristian Lenart: Combinatorics of generalized exponents

Cédric Lecouvey and Pierre Tarrago: Alcove random walks and k-Schur functions

Joel Brewster Lewis and Alejandro H. Morales: Factorization problems in complex reflection groups

Sho Matsumoto and Piotr Śniady: Stanley character formula for the spin characters of the symmetric groups

Brendan Pawlowski and Brendon Rhoades: Spanning line configurations

Khrystyna Serhiyenko, Melissa Sherman-Bennett and Lauren Williams: Combinatorics of cluster structures in Schubert varieties

Poster session 1 (Monday, July 1)

Ron M. Adin, Ira M. Gessel, Victor Reiner and Yuval Roichman: Cyclic quasi-symmetric functions

Anshul Adve, Colleen Robichaux and Alexander Yong: Computational complexity, Newton polytopes, and Schubert polynomials

Per Alexandersson and Robin Sulzgruber: P-partitions and p-positivity

Dave Anderson, Takeshi Ikeda, Minyoung Jeon and Ryotaro Kawago: Multiplicities of Schubert varieties in the symplectic flag variety

Federico Ardila, Anna Schindler and Andrés R. Vindas Meléndez: The equivariant volumes of the permutahedron

Sami Assaf and Stephanie van Willigenburg (presenter: Dominic Searles): Skew key polynomials and the key poset

Spencer Backman, Francisco Santos and Chi Ho Yuen: Topological bijections for oriented matroids

Rachel Bailey and Emily Gunawan: Cluster algebras and binary words

Nicholas R. Beaton, Aleksander L. Owczarek and Ruijie Xu: Quarter-plane lattice paths with interacting boundaries: Kreweras and friends

Manfred Buchacher and Manuel Kauers: Inhomogeneous restricted lattice walks

Federico Castillo and José Alejandro Samper: Finiteness theorems for matroid complexes with prescribed topology

Sunita Chepuri: Plabic R-matrices

Adam Clearwater and Mark Skandera: Total nonnegativity and evaluations of Hecke algebra characters

Michele D'Adderio, Alessandro Iraci and Anna Vanden Wyngaerd: Delta conjectures

Satyan L. Devadoss, Cassandra Durell and Stefan Forcey (presenter: Vincent Pilaud): Split network polytopes and network spaces

Matthew Farmer and Joshua Hallam: The noncrossing bond poset of a graph

Oleksandra Gasanova: Powers of monomial ideals and the Ratliff-Rush operation

Sam Hopkins: The CDE property for skew vexillary permutations

Ezgi Kantarcı Oğuz (presenter: Can Ozan Oğuz): Descent polynomials, peak polynomials and an involution on permutations

Gene B. Kim and Sangchul Lee: A central limit theorem for descents and major indices in fixed conjugacy classes of Sn

Alexander Lazar and Michelle L. Wachs: On the homogenized linial arrangement: intersection lattice and Genocchi numbers

Duncan Levear: A bijection for Shi arrangement faces

Baptiste Louf: Simple formulas for constellations and bipartite maps with prescribed degrees

Eric Marberg and Brendan Pawlowski: Stanley symmetric functions for signed involutions

Alina R. Mayorova and Ekaterina A. Vassilieva: A q-deformed type B Cauchy identity and Chow’s quasisymmetric functions

Stephen Melczer, Greta Panova and Robin Pemantle: Counting partitions inside a rectangle

Cara Monical, Oliver Pechenik and Dominic Searles: K-theoretic polynomials

Henri Mühle: Ballot-noncrossing partitions

Hiroshi Naruse and Soichi Okada: Skew hook formula for d-complete posets via equivariant K-theory

Vincent Pilaud: Polytopal realizations and Hopf algebra structures for lattice quotients of the weak order

Ben Salisbury and Travis Scrimshaw: Candidate for the crystal B(-∞) for the queer Lie superalgebra

Mario Sanchez: Möbius inversion as duality for Hopf monoids

Eric Stucky: Cyclic sieving, necklaces, and bracelets

Mariel Supina: The Hopf monoid of orbit polytopes

Nancy Wallace: Explicit combinatorial formulas for some irreducible characters of the GLk × Sn-module of multivariate diagonal harmonics

Alexander Wang and Hailun Zheng: Triangulations of the product of spheres with few vertices

Poster session 2 (Tuesday, July 2)

Marcelo Aguiar, José Bastidas and Swapneel Mahajan: Characteristic elements for real hyperplane arrangements

Farid Aliniaeifard and Nathaniel Thiem: Pattern groups and a poset based Hopf monoid

Federico Ardila, Federico Castillo, Christopher Eur and Alexander Postnikov: Deformations of Coxeter permutahedra and Coxeter submodular functions

Sami Assaf and Dominic Searles: Skew polynomials and extended Schur functions

Jean-Christophe Aval, Théo Karaboghossian and Adrian Tanasa: Polynomial invariants and reciprocity theorems for the Hopf monoid of hypergraphs and its sub-monoids

Eli Bagno, Riccardo Biagioli and David Garber: Some identities involving second kind Stirling numbers of types B and D

Esther Banaian and Elizabeth Kelley: Snake graphs and frieze patterns from orbifolds

Jérémie Bettinelli: Slit-slide-sew bijections for bipartite and quasibipartite plane maps

Henri Derycke and Yvan Le Borgne: Restricted Tutte polynomials for some periodic oriented forests on infinite square lattice

Chris Bowman, Maud De Visscher and John Enyang: The lattice permutation condition for Kronecker tableaux

Sarah Brauner, Forrest Glebe and David Perkinson: Enumerating linear systems on graphs

Michael Chmutov, Gabriel Frieden, Dongkwan Kim, Joel Brewster Lewis and Elena Yudovina: An affine generalization of evacuation

Hyunsoo Cho, JiSun Huh and Jaebum Sohn: A bijection between ordinary partitions and self-conjugate partitions with same disparity

Camille Combe: Cubic realizations of Tamari interval lattices

Joseph Doolittle and Bennet Goeckner: Resolving Stanley's conjecture on k-fold acyclic complexes

Mark Dukes and Peter McNamara: Refining the bijections among ascent sequences, (2+2)-free posets, integer matrices and pattern-avoiding permutations

Richard Ehrenborg, Gábor Hetyei and Margaret Readdy: Refined face count in uniform triangulations of the Legendre polytope

Sen-Peng Eu, Tung-Shan Fu, Hsiang-Chun Hsu, Hsin-Chieh Liao and Wei-Liang Sun: Signed Mahonian identities on permutations with subsequence restrictions

Ira M. Gessel and Yan Zhuang: Homomorphisms on noncommutative symmetric functions and permutation enumeration

Rebecca Goldin and Allen Knutson: Schubert structure operators

Darij Grinberg: A quotient of the ring of symmetric functions generalizing quantum cohomology

Zachary Hamaker, Eric Marberg and Brendan Pawlowski: Involution pipe dreams

Rahul Ilango, Oliver Pechenik and Michael Zlatin: Unique rectification in d-complete posets

Il-Seung Jang and Jae-Hoon Kwon: Quantum nilpotent subalgebras of classical quantum groups and affine crystals

Michael Joseph and Tom Roby: Birational antichain toggling and rowmotion

Donghyun Kim: A combinatorial formula for the Ehrhart h*-vector of the hypersimplex

Cédric Lecouvey and Cristian Lenart: Atomic decomposition of characters and crystals

Svante Linusson, Samu Potka and Robin Sulzgruber: On random shifted standard Young tableaux and 132-avoiding sorting networks

Eric Marberg and Yifeng Zhang: Affine transitions for involution Stanley symmetric functions

Robert McAlmon, Suho Oh and David Xiang: Flats of a positroid from its decorated permutation

Kyle P. Meyer: Descent representations of generalized coinvariant algebras

Cara Monical, Oliver Pechenik and Travis Scrimshaw: Crystal structures for symmetric Grothendieck polynomials

Yann Palu, Vincent Pilaud and Pierre-Guy Plamondon: Non-kissing versus non-crossing

David Harry Richman: Equidistribution of Weierstrass points on a tropical curve

Sheila Sundaram: On the Schur positivity of sums of power sums

Software demonstrations

Katja Berčič: Supporting data-driven mathematics: database and interface generation

Antonio Jiménez-Pastor: DD-finite functions in Sage

Wencin Poh and Anne Schilling: Queer supercrystals in SageMath

Martin Rubey and Christian Stump: FindStat – a database and search engine for combinatorial statistics and maps

Lorenzo Venturello (presenter: Alexander Wang): Balanced triangulations on few vertices and an implementation of cross-flips

Janoš Vidali: Computing distance-regular graph and association scheme parameters with sage-drg